This Woman Walked Into A Mall Completely Naked And Most People Didn't Even Notice


Nov. 13 2018, Updated 4:05 p.m. ET

We've all thought about going out in public naked, but it's usually part of some nightmarish scenario or anxiety dream. Or maybe a sex fantasy?! I guess there are a lot of reasons to walk outside naked, but it still doesn't happen too much. But imagine going out naked and having nobody even realize you weren't wearing clothes! All you need is a skilled makeup illusionist, a ton of patience and, of course, endless confidence about your body because this look brings new meaning to the phrase "skin-tight."

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Makeup artist Jen the Body Painter has made sending naked people out into the world into a project.

Her incredible skill turns naked people into naked people you don't notice are naked right away:

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Jen wrote a post about her most recent experiment for Bored Panda, in which she says she experimented to see if anyone would even noticed the nude woman in their midst. And she showed us how she creates the optical illusion of clothes with some paint and pasties. Even side by side next to people in clothes made of fabric, it's almost impossible to tell who is wearing paint and who is wearing denim. 

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So, the important bits are covered. But Jen does create a very convincing illusion of clothing, or at least that appears to be true in this video.

Watch how few people notice that her model is sporting a bare butt in the food court:

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This isn't the first time Jen has taken her models for a walk. In this one, a girl wanders the street in fake short shorts:

Honestly, it's kind of hard to tell if people are looking to see if she's wearing clothes or because she's rocking tiny shorts and a crop top.


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