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Source: twitter

Batman Fans Already Have Their Picks For Who Should Replace Ben Affleck In The Films

By Mustafa Gatollari

Batman's the best DC superhero of all time. And if you disagree, then you're wrong. Sorry. He's just too iconic not to be. We probably all at some point in our lives have watched some element of Batman proving just how deep his influence runs. He also spans generations starting to really gain steam in the 50s and is still making movies today proving he's stood the test of time. (which certainly isn't easy to do, people get tired of stuff when it's around too long)

Which is probably why people are always interested in knowing which actor is going to take up the cloak as the caped crusader when one Batman's tenure looms in the future.

And although Ben Affleck has been getting some props for his portrayal of Bruce Wayne (especially after Bale's amazing performances) there's been some talk of Affleck bowing out of the role.