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This Fast Food Cup Illusion Has The Internet Thinking All Drink Sizes Are The Same

This Fast Food Cup Illusion Has The Internet Thinking All Drink Sizes Are The Same
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7 months ago

Everyone loves a good magic trick. It's probably why both The Prestige and The Illusionist came out at almost the exact same time and people didn't complain about there being too many period piece magician films.

And also why everyone, from celebrities to normal peeps like you and me on the street, are completely dumbfounded by magicians like David Blaine.

Which is probably why everyone's going bonkers over this triple fast food cup illusion that's blowing up on Twitter right now.

It appears that each of the three cups carry the same amount of liquid, and people are freaking the heck out.

Is this some kind of fast food cup conspiracy? Were all of the sizes actually holding the same amount of liquid - they're just cleverly designed?

But if you take two seconds to think about it - it turns out that the trick itself isn't really all that complicated.

People tried following rabbit holes down to other theories...

...but it was pretty apparent they were just using angles to hide the fact that there's water already in the cups.

An insider even gave his two cents.

But then the Jack In The Box employee who posted the original illusion came back with another video, pouring the larger cup into the smaller one, "proving" that all cup sizes were the same.

Then someone went online and posted actual proof that the cups, indeed, hold different amounts of liquid.

Well at least we got to the bottom of that short-lived mystery.

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