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Source: twitter

'Blur-Dogs' Are The Newest Twitter Trend--And We're Extremely Grateful For It


Taking photos of our pup is a time honored tradition. Most pet owners phones are filled with %5 pictures of food, 3% of random things, and then the other 90+% is just pictures of your pets. Getting the best shot isn't easy either. They're constantly moving around making it difficult, so it's no wonder we have to take so many to get it just right. The struggle is very real.

But there's a new dog photo trend taking the internet over that may just make our lives that much easier. Twitter user Jen Lewis recently returned home for Thanksgiving and was greeted by a very adorable blur dog. 

What's a blur dog you might ask. Well it's those unfortunate photos that happen when your dog is just so darn excited to see you it just can't sit still. What happens is you end up with 100 blurry shots of your pup just absolutely losing its mind to see you. Especially for those who have been away for awhile and just returned from the holidays.

Apparently it's pretty common because she asked others to share their own blur dogs, and the best social media trend ever was born. We could definitely get used to this being a normal thing.