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Source: Twitter

Man Makes A Photoshop Request On Twitter, And Instantly Regrets His Wording

By Aimee Lutkin

The Internet can be an incredibly fickle place. You can do something that seems — to you, at least — incredibly mundane, only to have it backfire on you in a gigantic way. Don't believe us? Ask YouTuber and Twitter user @markiplier. The Internet personality made — what he thought — was a very simple request to his followers that immediately backfired. It all started when he posted a picture of himself out in a field, with a mountain range behind him and asked for a slight Photoshop adjustment. He wanted to look like he was "holding up the mountain." 

Honestly, what does that even mean? Holding up the mountain? You mean those distant blobs that basically look like nothing. Is this a reference to Hodor, except you're holding the mountain? What are you saying?! Is this really what you're asking a bunch of strangers to do for you?