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Man's Problematic Answer To Jeopardy Question Emerges Online, And People Are Laughing

Man's Problematic Answer To Jeopardy Question Emerges Online, And People Are Laughing
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7 months ago

In 1992 a glorious film starring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes hit the theaters: White Men Can't Jump.

Now there's a lot to be said about this movie. There's the Sizzler references, there's Wesley Snipes' layered lowcut tank tops and Woody Harrelson's tie-dye baseball cap, and, of course Rosie Perez's love for the game Jeopardy.

Perez's character, Gloria, kicks so much butt at the game show that she makes an impressive run, but ever since I saw the movie as a kid there's one of her answers, I mean, questions, that really upsets me. 

There's a reference to Pompeii and the volcano that destroyed the city, to which Perez responds, "What is Suvius?" The judges ultimately give it to her in the movie, but the correct answer is "Vesuvius."

It's a technicality that angered me. I mean, yeah, she was close enough, but it clearly wasn't the answer. It also led me to believe that Trebek and the judges on Jeopardy were a bit lenient towards some of the contestants. Which turns out in real life, isn't the case.

Something Nick learned the hard way on a recent episode of the popular game show when he wasn't Gangsta enough to pronounce the title to the Dangerous Minds theme song properly.

It's not "Gangster's Paradise," Nick. Sorry, you can mean mug Trebek all you want.

I have to admit I feel kind of bad for the guy, these judges must've been really pedantic.

And although I feel bad about it, that didn't stop Twitter from laughing its head off.

Nick was technically deducted points for not being street.

Nick's loss provided an opportunity for an abundance of jokes.

But in the end he still came out on top.

Now, like me, you might think that the difference between gangster and gangsta is negligible. 

But as it turns out, it's not.

I still find it kind of hard to believe that they deducted him all that cash though.

Luckily it didn't totally cost him the game, but before he gets back on Jeopardy he might want to brush up on his pronunciation of '90s rap tracks.

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