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We Now Know What Would Happen If We Only Ate Meat—And We're Going Vegan

We Now Know What Would Happen If We Only Ate Meat—And We're Going Vegan
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6 months ago

Hey remember that guy who literally only eats raw meat? Last I checked he's been on the diet for nearly 8 years and he was doing just fine.

Now that diet seems like a one-way ticket to sicksville, but Nance's case was an extreme one. Everything he tried eating, from vegetarianism to the Mediterranean diet left him puking and unable to keep anything down. It was only until he solely ate raw meat that his health improved and he was able to survive.

Eating every part of the animal, Nance is able to have a nutritionally complete diet while, strangely, getting rid of his need to fart entirely. Oh yeah and he makes raw meat smoothies.

Now if you look online, there are plenty of people who advocate carnivorous diets, and even more people going vegetarian and vegan. 

But the folks over at AsapScience have a few things to say about the whole meat-only food movement.

Although there are plenty of people who literally only eat meat and butter who have zero complaints about bowel movements, AsapScience says that eating only animals means your body isn't getting fiber. No fiber, no bowel movements, and that's according to the Mayo Clinic.

Eating zero carbohydrates may also not be the best option for most people. Sure, your body will enter into ketosis and it'll eventually burn the fact that you have stored to use as energy. Which is great for many of us who have extra poundage to spare.

However carbs are an easy energy source. Converting them into a quick fix is a simple task for your body, which is why we crave them so much and also why it's way more appealing to down a salad bowl filled with Count Chocula than 10oz. of lean grilled chicken breast.

There's also a nasty thing called protein poisoning, which could become a side effect of an all-meat diet. Diarrhea, nausea, and death could occur as a result of an excess urea build-up, which can occur if you OD on the protein. So while your liver is converting protein to glucose, your body is upping the amount of urea it's producing as well - not good.

Super low fat meats, like rabbit, may require your body to dip into your own fat stores to properly process it. Once those run out, it'll start attacking your muscle to convert the energy to glucose. In fact, there's something called "rabbit starvation" and you could literally die from malnourishment eating nothing but rabbit, apparently.

The dearth of Vitamin C in popular cuts of meat could also prove problematic too. Without it, you'll develop scurvy, you'll bleed out more easily, your personality can even be altered and you'll ultimately die. If you do want Vitamin C from animal products, you'll have to eat the meat raw.

So if you don't like tartar, or don't want to go through the process of acclimating yourself to consuming raw cuts of meat and organs then you're out of luck. 

Something that people are divided on.

Now you might not want to try it for yourself, but there are tons of people turning to raw meat diets for their pets.

Some even went so far as to say that raw meat diets saved their pets' lives.

Would you ever consider going 100% meat only? Or does the thought of it make you sick?

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