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Woman Shares Bizarre Food Photos From Fancy Restaurant—And People Can't Even

Woman Shares Bizarre Food Photos From Fancy Restaurant—And People Can't Even
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6 months ago

My wife and I are currently obsessed with the Netflix show, Chef's Table, and if you haven't watched it, then oh boy, are you in for a treat.

I love seeing what the world's most astute and passionate culinary minds have to offer. It doesn't hurt that the program's slickly produced and focuses on telling each individual chef's story, which, at their core, basically contains the same message: Never give up on your dreams.

It's more than just food porn, the context behind each chef's philosophy and how they overcame personal challenges and career downfalls leaves you feeling awed and inspired. 

It's no surprise that many of the chefs' restaurants are constantly being ranked as the top in the world, and are awarded Michelin Stars, the highest culinary honor there is, in the process. I mean these people aren't just cooks, they're artists.

The thing with artists though is that sometimes, they get a little out of hand with their art and focus a bit too much on pomp and circumstance than the heart of what they're trying to present and as a result, well, weird stuff happens. Like strange plating presentations for entrees.

Something that English actress Tracy Ann Olberman pointed out when she dined at the Martin Berasategui restaurant. Berasategui has three Michelin stars to his credit and 12 different restaurants located in Spain, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico.

Her and her husband, Rob Cowan both loved the food as it was delicious, I mean, you don't get 3 Michelin Stars by making bad food, but the plating and presentation left them absolutely dumbfounded.

So much so that they began documenting each new ludicrous contraption their food was served on. Like this log-art project you somehow got an "A" for in interpretive wood-working in college.

Oberman tagged We Want Plates in the post, a Twitter account dedicated to calling out chefs for presenting their food in needlessly stupid ways. I mean if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

And just when you thought the dining experience couldn't get any stranger, these next two items appeared on their table.

Now this might look pretty weird, but it's not too bad. The flattened bread sticks are wedged between the rivets in a piece of wood. Is it much? Yes, yes it is.

But it's got nothing on this stone.

Imagine a waiter putting this on your plate and not saying a word. No context, No instruction. Just a stone and this white puffy thing sticking out of it.

Tracy and her husband tried nibbling on the fluffy bit, and it was only then that they discovered what it truly was.

The escapade started her and her friends on a new fad: eating napkins.

Tracy reiterated that the food was amazing and even tagged Berasategui in a tweet telling them so.

But she also added that the atmosphere and presentation were over the top and that they were taking the wrong parts of the fin -dining experience way too seriously.

Speaking with Indy 100, Oberman went on to say that her and her husband love Michelin Star restaurants, but the fact that the staff treated the entire place like it was a church was too much for her to handle.

"We like a Michelin star but this topped all pretentiousness.The waiters were in hushed reverence the whole time and the food was delicious but served with such awe and on such stupid receptacles that it made the whole thing preposterous.And that was before the bill came."

Oberman's enjoying a pretty good career as an actress, but she might've just landed herself another side-gig: Michelin Star Restaurant critic.

Her first Twitter review was a hit, so why not?  I'd love to see some more ridiculous platings at restaurants I'm sure I'd never be able to afford to eat at.

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