People Wanting to Eat Tide Pods Is the First Big Meme of 2018 Because Internet



When Tide Pods were released back in 2012, the bright colors and gelatinous appearance had a few people joking that they looked good enough to eat. It seems like they were on to something.

The current trend started in the last days of 2017, and led to the first popular meme trend of 2018.

Yes, it's that serious.

This all started with Twitter user nightfilm sharing his failed attempt at convincing the official Gushers (yes, the fruit snack company) to release "a fruit snack that looked like a laundry pod."

Source: nightfilm - twitter

Less than a day after the original tweet went supernova, Gushers revealed that their crack team of investigators discovered that nightfilm has been thinking about this for years.

Source: gushers - twitter
Source: gushers - twitter

It was then that people really lost it.

And then the floodgates opened, leading to the first big meme trend of 2018.

Source: worldsstrongestmeme

Tide has made it very clear that no one should be eating their pods, which makes them all the more alluring.


This is about as clean as 'clean eating' can get.

Source: adam.the.creator
Source: the.couch.whisperer

They're not limited to just being eaten, either.

Source: spettacomedy

The popularization of Tide Pods through these memes will probably cannibalize their sales of liquid Tide. A bit of irony there.

Source: cosmoskyle

Anyone who eats them (seriously, don't) will undoubtedly end up getting a little tipsy.

Source: wolfgrillz

It isn't all Tide Pods though. Some have served up classic dishes with a creative twist.

Source: scrillamemes

A few have hinted requests for specialty flavors.

Source: memegourmet

While others just want Tide Pod remakes of classic household foods.

Source: notviking

A few clever (and not so clever) video edits have come out of this as well.

Tide Pods are a strong contender for meme of the month. Sprinkle a few into yours and watch it take off.

Source: rollervader

Meme responsibly, and please don't eat any Tide Pods as they will most likely kill you.

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