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James Franco Instantly Regretted Inviting Tommy Wiseau Onstage During The Golden Globes

James Franco Instantly Regretted Inviting Tommy Wiseau Onstage During The Golden Globes
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6 months ago

If you've ever been channel surfing the night of April Fool's and happened upon The Cartoon Network, you probably noticed that they were playing a movie that was so awful, you decided it had to be made terrible on purpose.

That movie is The Room, and no matter what the film's mysterious leading man and producer, Tommy Wiseau says, I think it probably wasn't intended to be as awful as it was.

From its nonsensical script, the what are they doing performances, and strange lighting, The Room was destined to become a cult classic for all the wrong reasons.

It also ended up inspiring a film, The Disaster Artist, about the insane process of how the movie was even made in the first place, starring James Franco as Wiseau himself. 

The Disaster Artist hasn't only been receiving critical acclaim, but Franco's portrayal of Wiseau has been receiving major accolades as well. In fact, the Oscar nominated actor just received a Golden Globe for his work on the film, for Best Performance in a Musical or Comedy.

Despite the movie poking fun at just how terrible The Room is, Wiseau and Franco worked together on The Disaster Artist. Wiseau had a cameo in the film, which was probably a surreal process for everyone involved. The man behind The Room was also in attendance at the award ceremony and when Franco was accepting his award, he invited Wiseau up on stage.

Which he obliged, but then we were gifted this hilarious moment.

That's right, Wiseau was ready to grab the mic and give a speech of his own as Franco accepted the award. The look on both James and his brother, Dave's, face as he does it is incredible.

Some people were in stitches.

Others imagined what was going through Tommy's head as Franco delivered his speech.

For some, they couldn't imagine Wiseau acting any other way.

And for others, well, they thought that James wouldn't have been up on that stage if it wasn't for Wiseau in the first place. And that maybe he should've let the man speak.

Some even argued that not allowing Wiseau to speak was a direct contradiction to the message of the film.

Others had even stronger opinions, claiming that pushing Wiseau away from the microphone and not giving him a chance to speak was especially bad, because it made it look like Franco was using him as a push to get an Oscar.

Then again, it's tough to know exactly how far Wiseau would've taken it.

Seeing as the man has a penchant for drawn out statements that make little sense, like his film, it might've been in everyone's best interest if James just didn't let him take the mic as he was thanking everyone who helped him get a Golden Globe.

As for Wiseau, he wasn't letting the snub get him down, and counted his appearance on stage as a victory.

Unless Twitter user Chris Sheerin is right, and Wiseau does think that by the laws of transitive properties that he just won a Golden Globe.

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