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Math Student Plays Two 'Star Wars' Songs With Nothing But a Pencil



We challenge you to name a more iconic band than Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. Or as you may know them, the yellow alien guys who play the Cantina Theme in Star Wars: A New Hope

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And as it turns out, you can play the Cantina Theme with nothing but a pencil. Twitter user Dani was doing her math homework when she noticed the equation she was working on sounded familiar. Have a listen. You'll need sound on, obviously.  

Here it is with the music over the top. 

But it doesn't end there. Here she is doing the Imperial March... 

What is this magic?! How did she manage to take two things that are pretty difficult — math, and playing music — and turn them into something so beautiful? If you find yourself asking that, you're definitely not alone. Yes, social media was just as entranced as we were. And how could they not be?! 

These two users were happy that the tweet was getting people to think about math. Even though, to be honest, as inspired and impressed as we are about the math, this has very little to do with math and everything to do with 

Some people were more interested in what all that math actually meant. 

Others wanted to go even further — insisting that if the result was that good with a single pencil, we probably can't even comprehend how amazing it would be with an entire orchestra of writing utensils. 

Some are calling for a record deal. 

One person even managed to fool their parents with it — and had to disappoint her father when he thought they were about to watch Star Wars. 

Try this at home.  

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