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Texans Without Ice Scrapers Got Really Creative To Clear Their Cars



Winter storm Inga is bringing deep snow and freezing conditions to Texas, and while hundreds of  thousands of students are getting the day off, people still need to get to work.  

The problem? No one seems to own an ice scraper. This is Texas, after all. They're far more accustom to heatwaves than snow storms. That means Texans have had to get pretty inventive when it comes to their morning commute. Luckily, they didn't let a little ice get in the way of getting to work! 

A frisbee is probably going to take you a while... Do not recommend. 

Some people went with clothes hangers. 

That's just going to scratch your window... Come on people! 

Some people went with science. Which is pretty foolproof. But, while we're on this tip, allow us to recommend using something less expensive? Don't we all have a bottle of cheap liquor that we wouldn't mind sparing, rather than something expensive and actually good?

A key chain will take you hours. But if you aren't in a rush to get to work, we get it. Honestly. 

Gift, credit, and membership cards didn't go so well for most people... But that didn't stop them from trying time and time again. (Even if they're from Wisconsin and definitely know better). 

Others took to Twitter to offer some hacks for the poor Texans. Basically there was one hack to rule all hacks: Throw cool water — not hot! — if you're trying to get rid of the ice. As people pointed out repeatedly, hot water will potentially crack your windshield — and no one wants that. 

Some people from up north weren't so kind. And, like, you have to admit: The struggle is pretty funny to watch. 

You'll get through this, Texas.

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