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Source: Facebook

This Mom Is Tired Of Telling Her Husband Exactly What To Do Around The House


Being in love is great and wonderful and all, but once you end up cohabitating with that love, they also become your roommate. And who hasn't wanted to scream at their roommate at some point? Then add in a few kids, who are basically mini-roommates who pee their pants, and things can get really volatile. Being a parent is never easy, but it's especially hard on the person who picks up most of the slack around the house. Let's admit it—that person is almost always the mom in a heterosexual relationship.

Constance Hall is a mom blogger with a popular following online. She often posts screeds that hit a nerve, and her most recent one about fighting with her husband over house work has set a lot of people off. Hall was frustrated, because her husband wasn't doing enough to keep the house clean and the family functioning. She says it was suggested she make him a list of things to do, and she tried it. But she just ended up even more upset.