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Source: iStock / Twitter

'Brexiter' Is Very Disappointed To Learn That Yorkshire Tea Isn't Grown In England

By Mark Pygas

The United Kingdom is known for two things — loving tea and having a climate totally inappropriate for growing tea. Most is imported from Africa and Asia, and the British go through about 60.2 billion cups of the stuff every single year. This love isn't new; in 1813, import duty on tea accounted for 10% of the British government’s entire revenue. 

One of the most popular brands in the country is Yorkshire Tea, and despite the name, most of their tea is grown in Africa and India. Twitter @RewindTheFilth recently decided to point this out to a self-described "Brexiter" who called the company "fellow patriots" on the social media platform, and added that "Yorkshire soil makes the best tea." 

Source: Twitter