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Source: Reddit

People Are Sharing Their 'Ugly Duckling' Transformations And It's Shocking

By Aimee Lutkin

Growing up is tough, especially because it sometimes feels like the transformation is never going to happen. If you're going through puberty and it's terrible, just know there's another side to it and that is on full display in the subreddit /r/uglyduckling.

The subreddit is for anyone who has undergone a transformation, so not everybody is in that period in college where you finally figure out how to dress. But, many people tend to skew young and the changes they make are pretty simple. Like growing their hair out.

She wrote, "4 years between the photos. Used to really dislike how I looked but slowly and it by bit, I started to treat myself a lil nicer, didn’t realize the difference till I saw it like this."