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These Naked Statues At The Olympic Games Are The Hottest New Meme

These Naked Statues At The Olympic Games Are The Hottest New Meme
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5 months ago

The Winter Olympics are underway in PyeongChang, which means people from all over the world are coming together not only to compete, but to share their culture and immerse themselves in the South Korean city. It's a pretty amazing place!

Just look who they have waiting to great you outside the Olympic media center:

These naked, faceless torsos with their penises out have become quite a hit on social media and amongst competitors as you can imagine.

According to Buzzfeed, this piece of incredible art is titled "Bullet Man," even though there are three of them, and they represent "the human desire for a cool body, wealth, honor with a concrete image." For whatever reason, the statues are especially popular in Japan, where they've gotten a new nickname, the Korean phrase that means "I don't know."

This might be insulting to the artist who crafted Bullet Man's astonishing physique, but it kinda seems like this level of obsession is actually a compliment. He's been recreated in what looks like homemade Lego form:

By extremely committed silver dancers:

By this guy with a bag and body to go with it:

In someone's coffee...and this straight up just looks like a latte penis:

Of course, with origami:

Action figures:

Someone knitted an adorable snuggly version you can actually take to bed:

He's been reimagined as an Olympic athlete:

A rocket to the moon:

As an adorable anime character:

A mighty warrior:

The statues are probably completely unrelated to the Olympics themselves, but it's hard not to see some of these guys competing and not draw comparisons.

Thank you, South Korea, for bringing what we're all thinking about out into the open.

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