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Chipotle Is Still Explaining To People What A Bay Leaf Is



Not everyone knows anything about cooking, but it's still pretty astounding that so many people make the same mistake about the exact same ting over and over. Specifically, how many people don't know what a bay leaf is, and report finding one in their food to Chipotle like they think there's a sentient tree working in the kitchen. 

Like this one guy who @-ed Chipotle and wrote: "I found this leaf in my burrito bowl. Is this like the golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I get free Chipotle for life?? In all honesty I'm assuming it was supposed to get cooked in with the rice but didn't for some reason, right?"

Some are more rude and less hopeful:

But Chipotle keeps patiently explaining what a bay leaf is—a spice that makes food delicious—and even apologizing:

"It's a bay leaf, used to season that rice. Harmless & edible, but we should have pulled it out. Sorry about that," wrote one Zach who was manning Chipotle's account on Twitter. Another Becky tweeted, on behalf of the company: "That’s a bay leaf. We use it to season a few of our ingredients but should take it out before serving. My apologies."

Though others are less polite:

In fact, I'm not sure what's funnier—people who don't know what a bay leaf is, or people dragging the people who don't know what bay leaves are:

But I guess complaining gets you more burritos, so there may be something behind this whining besides straight up ignorance:

Because these are pretty pathetic, even if you don't know anything about cooking:

As stupid as it is, let's look at the bright side:

More Chipotle for me.

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