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Everyone Agrees This Is The Most Annoying Fake Detail In Movies


Journalist Carli Velocci used her Twitter the way it should be: as an open forum for complaints. She asked what detail from movies have been bugging the crap out of people forever, starting with her own example.

"Okay, subject change. What's a small detail in movies/TV that pisses you off? For me it's when people wear shoes on the bed," she wrote.

I also hate that! But I hate it even more when people come to my house and do that, which happens. Movies are a bad influence. 

There is a long list of rude/impossible/weird/unrealistic things that people do in movies that have been driving everyone up the wall forever, and you will find yourself nodding in agreement as you read this list.

"When people get in the shower and then turn the water on," wrote one person. "People with their scotch, just ready to drink all the time, in any room in a house or office. Very few people drink scotch like that in real life, but everyone in tv and film seems to!" tweeted another, although I'm very familiar with circles who would beg to disagree.

"hanging up the phone without formally ending the conversation. glasses with no ice or no condensation. Glasses or mugs that clearly have no liquid in them as the actor "drinks" from them," wrote another person. Truth.