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Source: Google Maps

This Guy Is Tracking All The Most Miserable Places In The World According To Their Names

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

Damien Rudd runs an Instagram account called "Sad Topographies" which has recently been turned into a book. Rudd's genius idea, according to Bored Panda, is to simply look up sad words on Google Maps and snap a screenshot.

"After more than two years of work, the Sad Topographies book will go on sale November 9! Strange histories of misadventure and melancholy, this is a travel guide to some of the saddest places around. Written by Damien Rudd, illustrated by Kate Didyk and published by Simon & Schuster," announced the account. 

Apparently, all of America was settled by extremely depressed, anxious, and lonely people. There are lakes, highways, mountains and peninsulas everywhere dedicated to humanity's most painful emotion.

Like sadness: