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Thanks To Her Science Class, This Girl Made A Crazy Discovery About Her Family



Science class was never my forte. Now I could chalk it up to it "just not being my thing" but the truth is, because I was told I was a "creative" kid growing up, whatever that meant, and I loved reading after I finally learned how to do it, I was more concerned with sneaking chapters of works of fiction than learning about the krebs cycle. Sorry biology.

But it pays to know, at least on a basic level, how different organisms function. Maybe if I spent more time paying attention in biology class I would've discovered just how bad Twinkies are for you and stopped eating them earlier. Who am I fooling, my fat butt would've kept chomping down on them regardless, but at least I would've felt guilty while doing it!

But there are tons of cases of science lessons saving people's lives. My wife, for example, from an episode of Osmosis Jones correctly diagnosed her own appendicitis as a kid. The second they removed the turgid organ from her body, as she recounts it, it exploded in the doctor's hand.

Some science lessons, however, just don't save lives, they change them forever. Like this one student, while learning about blood types in her biology class, discovered that her familial ties aren't what she thinks they are. And her family never told her.

A classmate recounted the entire story in this epic Twitter thread.

Now usually that's when an awkward silence would fall over the lecture hall for a little bit and the professor would make a lame attempt at transitioning the subject or saying there may be a mistake and then the class would move on.

However, the teacher pursued the subject, and the student provided a heck of a response.

This is when it gets scandalous.

Talk about going from 0 to 100.

Now I've long said that enrolling in traditional universities these days is kinda useless from an academic standpoint, but holy crap, this girl learned something.

A secret that broke apart her family.

Now like all things on the internet, you have to take it with a grain of salt, but it looks like multiple people in her class got on Twitter to talk about the same exact thing.

You would think that differing blood types just meant the girl was adopted, but nope, deep, dark affair that split her family in twain.

Some felt bad that her family secret was aired out for everyone to see like that.

But it's difficult to imagine that the student really cared about social norms at that point, a huge part of her entire life was just proven to be a lie thanks to the magic of biological studies.

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