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Front-Facing 'Simpsons' Characters Are Horrifying And We Can't Look Away

Front-Facing 'Simpsons' Characters Are Horrifying And We Can't Look Away
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4 months ago

If you're a Simpsons fan, you've probably noticed that characters from show are rarely drawn facing directly forward. As it turns out, there's a very good reason for that. Twitter user @Butchcoded recently took to the social media platform to share some of our favorite characters for the brief moments they look directly at the screen. 

And yes, they're absolutely terrifying. Just look at these...

What happened to Homer?! 

Like father, like son. Bart is equally horrifying when facing forward.

Other Twitter users also shared some of the moments other characters looked directly forward, and they're just as bad. 

Not you too, Ralph. 

What a terrifyingly ugly couple...

Yes, there's a blog for this. 

No. Stop. 

 You'll never be able to watch The Simpsons again.  

What's he been smoking?  

When you accidentally open the front camera on your phone. 

This changes everything. 

These are just something else...

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