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This Chair Lift Malfunction At A Skit Resort Is The Scariest Thing You'll See All Day

This Chair Lift Malfunction At A Skit Resort Is The Scariest Thing You'll See All Day
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Updated 4 months ago

Ever since I was young, I loved watching rag doll physics in video games. Although they're not realistic, they're super enjoyable to watch.

But that's because it's a video game and we know that no one is getting seriously hurt. Watching someone get tossed around like a children's toy in real life, I'd imagine, is super, duper horrifying.

But again, it's only when we know that someone isn't getting hurt. Change the situation in which someone is getting rag-dolled, like in a car accident, or getting tossed from a rollercoaster, and you'll hold your breath and get filled with anxiety seeing that horror unfold.

Which is probably what'll happen to you if you watch this NOPE-inducing video clip of a chair lift at a ski resort going out of control, throwing skiiers in different directions.

Eight people, including a pregnant woman, were injured in the catastrophic occurrence at the Georgian ski resort. Like, Eastern Europe Georgia, not down south Georgia, as if you needed to be told that. Resort employees are saying that an engine malfunction is to blame for the madness, however, further investigations are being made as to ascertain what caused this craziness to go down in the first place.

There are multiple videos of the accident. This second angle shows it from an angle a bit further back.

With the added perspective, you can see the large metal seats swing around and hit some skiers at high speeds. Warning: it's difficult to watch people get launched from these chairs and narrowly escape serious injury. 

Thankfully, no one died in the incident, however, two people were seriously injured. One of them sadly was that pregnant woman.

Twitter's freaking out over the footage.

Now I always knew I distrusted skiing for a reason, and as scary as this footage is, people are still excited to get some slopes time in before winter is over.

Ski lift stories don't always end in tragedy, however.

There was this young girl who slipped off her seat and was caught by resort guests.

There was also this clip of a chair lift being rocked by a harsh winter storm.

Which doesn't sound so bad...until you see that there are people on it.

Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

If snowstorms like that can come out of nowhere like that, it kind of makes you wonder why people are so eager to hit the slopes in the first place?

I mean it's bad enough you have to worry about an abominable snowman coming out of nowhere to gobble you up, now I have to be concerned with a ski lift trying to kill me?

Yeah, I think I'll just go to the beach instead. But stay out of the water, because sharks live there.

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