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People Are Piercing Their Fingers And Embedding Diamonds Instead Of Buying Rings

People Are Piercing Their Fingers And Embedding Diamonds Instead Of Buying Rings
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4 months ago

Brace yourself for a divisive trend, friends. People is reporting that instead of buying expensive engagement rings that can be lost down the sink drain, young people are having diamonds literally embedded in their skin instead. This is real commitment.

This is, of course, being promoted as a "millennial" trend, because everything weird in this world is the fault of someone under 35.

That picture is a lot. I'm kind of stuck between, "It's their finger and their marriage, do whatever," and "NO WAY!!"

A Florida-based body piercer named Billy DeBerry told People that she's been giving this dermal piercings on their ring finger for about ten years, but they've become much more popular lately, probably because folks are sharing them on social media.

“Micro dermal anchors are safe and the body will hold them for years, as long as they’re in ideal places and if implant-grade titanium is used,” says DeBerry.

Once you get an anchor, you could also theoretically changed up the stone on top, so if that engagement doesn't work out, plug something else in. Guess it's not so permanent, after all?

“They’re different than other piercings since it’s considered ‘surface work.’ It really lets a person get away from traditional piercings like the ear or nose,” DeBerry explains. “With the base being anchored into place under the surface of the skin, the tops are interchangeable with a huge variety of colors, shapes and designs.”

But some people are pushing back on the idea that this is the new normal:

Other people discovering the trend are truly shocked anyone has ever done this:

But for every ten naysayers...there's one person who is seeing the missing puzzle piece on their wedding Pinterest board:

I guess you know if it's right for you when you see it—just like when falling in love.

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