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All The Worst Places People Have Gotten Stuck Because They Tried It

All The Worst Places People Have Gotten Stuck Because They Tried It
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Updated 4 months ago

If someone tries to dare you, prank you, or scare you into getting into a tight spot, just say no. You are not as flexible as you think, the laws of physics still apply, and there will be photos of the event to haunt you for all eternity.

Just look at this recent viral series. Twitter user @tpain_yo gleefully shared their throwback of being trapped in a toddlers swing after a dare gone wrong. The attempt ended with the fire department showing up to saw her out of the damn thing as she weeped:

As you can see in the before picture, it was all for the photo:

This has been a right of passage for others on the playground:

Some might say too many people have tried to sit in a baby swing, in fact:

But it's not just the swing set. Arrogant humans have been underestimating their own girth and overestimating the flexibility of the world everywhere. 

An enticing banister for instance:

A pair of handcuffs:

Or a claw machine, which has somehow happened more than once:

At the mini-golf course:

This very specific case of a woman stuck inside a window trying to retrieve her own feces:

Inside a traffic cone:

Inside a damn toilet:

Inside a giant sculpture of a vagina:

Or a more ordinary household item, the washing machine:

And, of course, folks have tried to come down the chimney:

You ain't Santa Claus!

Just remember the cat's philosophy, and if you don't fits, you don't sits.

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