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This Girl Who Struggled To Put On Weight Gets Body Shamed By Her BF



Free advice: if your partner puts on a little weight, let it slide. I know no one will take that advice, but I'm giving it anyway. The human body fluctuates, especially with the seasons. If you're genuinely worried about someone's health, that's one thing. 

But if they're just carrying around a little winter belly, suggest you all go on a long walk and cook them a healthy dinner. Or be productive in some kind of imaginable way, like get yourselves both a gym membership or suggest you go for a hike. Even planning some meals together so you don't end up always ordering delivery from the couch can be a productive approach.

You know what they say, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. It's a hackneyed phrase that we often want to ignore, but even in today's day and age, it has to be repeated. Be a productive help to your significant other if you're so worried about their weight. Then keep your trap shut.

Unfortunately, Twitter user @babyyygucci's boyfriend never heard this advice, or chose to ignore it. She shared some pretty astounding text messages from him with her followers, and the tweet went viral:

In his messages, @babyyygucci's boyfriend that she doesn't look like she did on her Instagram feed, which is how he found her. I mean, who does? He also suggests it's "weird" that her belly sticks out more than his. I am envisioning a guy with a huge belly, because most women find it difficult to have flat stomachs. But we don't have a photo to confirm.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

She also shared a photo of her current look:

Source: Twitter

And weight—she says it hasn't changed since they met.

It's also been a struggle for her to put on weight. As a teen, she was extremely skinny, and it made her feel bad about her body. She's been happy to gain weight as she ages:

The vast majority of people had the same advice:

A few shared their experiences of having boyfriend's who complained about their weight in an abusive manner:

The support, plus a visit to the therapist, made @babyyygucci feel like she was definitely going to DTMF. And she did.

He supposedly feels bad about the whole thing, but he's gonna feel worse when he reads her mentions:

But he can always check up on how she's doing on Insta:

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