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Source: Twitter

Girl Brings Cardboard Cutout Of Michael B. Jordan To Prom And He Was The Best Date


Please meet Audeva Agyeman, who at 17 years old is already smarter than all of us. Agyeman has gone viral for her incredibly innovative approach to prom—make your own cardboard cutout date. Agyeman tweeted that she procrastinated and lost her chance on a human prom date, so she decided to take Michael B. Jordan. Now, we don't blame her. He is pretty much a perfect specimen — just watch Black Panther or Creed without drooling. Plus, he's not only incredibly good looking, he is also super down to earth. Like did you know he still lives with his parents? Or that he once met up with a fan who slid into his DMs while he was filming in her hometown? Yeah, he's pretty much a superhero IRL. 

Anyways, Audeva chose Michael as her prom date but you know he's super busy so she did the best she could to get him to her school in three hours:

 She told iNews that she's been a fan of Jordan's since long before Black Panther.

“He is fine,” she said, “I loved him way back with braids and way back to The Wire days.” 

And it looks like romance was in the air:

They had an incredibly fun time:

And a full prom date party:

Plus, a truly incredible friend doing the heavy lifting:

People are inspired:

Someone wanted to know if the happy couple wore the crown on prom night, but this is only Agyeman's junior prom. What is she gonna do next year?

She's probably hoping to bring the real thing.

Everyone loves Agyeman's initiative, but they are truly applauding her bud for carrying the Jordan cut out. That is friendship.

Agyeman's work ended up on The Shade Room's popular Instagram. And then something amazing happened—the real Michael B. Jordan commented on it.

Everyone freaked out:

We'll have to check in with Agyeman next year. She's going places.