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Source: Twitter

Girl Brings Cardboard Cutout Of Michael B. Jordan To Prom And He Was The Best Date

By Aimee Lutkin

Please meet teen queen Audeva Agyeman, who at 17 years old is already smarter than all of us. Agyeman has gone viral for her incredibly innovative approach to prom—make your own cardboard cutout date. Agyeman tweeted that she procrastinated and lost her chance on a human prom date, so she decided to take Michael B. Jordan. Or as close of an approximation as you could make in three hours:

Source: Twitter

 She told iNews that she's been a fan of Jordan's since long before Black Panther.

“He is fine,” she said, “I loved him way back with braids and way back to The Wire days.” 

And it looks like romance was in the air: