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This Is All The Weird Stuff Folks Thought Was Normal Until They Got Away From Their Family


You know your family is a bunch of freaks, but you probably didn't realize quite how freaky until you got out into the world and realized that all the things they did you thought were normal are actually beyond bizarre. It may be a tough awakening, but it eventually becomes a bit of fun nostalgia. Hopefully. Any day now.

And no, we're not talking about the lie all parents tell their kids about driving with the car light on being illegal. We are talking about truly bizarre things that your family taught you or did growing up that set you up for failure as an adult in the real world. Because life is hard enough, and thanks to our parents we now have to explain our weird habits to friends and co-workers why we plastic wrap our remote controls or refusing to use the front door. 

Podcast host Georgia Hardstark has a lot of followers on Twitter who she's willing to get vulnerable with. She asked people to share what family behaviors they realized were weird after they fled the nest. Her's is pretty cute, honestly:

Give us the dirt, Georgia!