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Source: istock

Dad Shares Conversations With His 4 Daughters And They Are Hilarious


Kids are known for being unintentionally hilarious at times. Whether it's because they don't have a complete grasp on language yet, or just because they don't fully understand the world. There is a reason there was a show called Kids Say the Darndest Things — because they say exactly what is on their mind without a filter, which is often times refreshing to hear. Like these kids who did not hold back on answering their homework assignments with such brutal honesty their teachers couldn't help but laugh. 

But in the case of James Breakwell, a comedy writer and father of three girls, it's probably because his kids have inherited the comedian gene. Breakwell, aka @XplodingUnicorn, shares the hilarious conversations he has with his daughters on Twitter every day, and they're pure gold. 

1. Dragons > math.

1. It's worth it, though.

1. Burn.

1. They smell.

1. Ouch.

1. Do you want hyper inflation? Because that's how you get hyper inflation.

1. It's serious.

1. That's how you get cooties.

1. Vegetables are the worst.

1. It definitely wasn't me.

1. Nightmare material.

1. Not gonna happen.

1. Preach, girl.

1. She really likes cupcakes.

1. We can relate.

1. Do we have to do this every morning?!

1. Call 911.

1. It's not a very good one.

1. Here's an insight into Easter from a very wise 7-year-old.

1. Trust me, teach.

1. It'll be our secret.

1. She's just thinking of you.

1. That's day one information.

1. Winner winner chicken dinner.