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Source: iStock

Kid Proves The Tooth Fairy Isn't Real With Some Very Clever Detective Work

By Aimee Lutkin

Do you remember when you figured out the Tooth Fairy wasn't real? I'm sorry if it just happened when you read that opening sentence. It's true, the Tooth Fairy isn't real. It's just a fun way for adults to buy children's teeth. Being a parent is hard, you gotta get your kicks where you can. Like these parents who used the tooth fairy to teach their son a lesson about dental hygiene — and actually withheld payment until his next tooth fell out in better "condition." 

But then you have kids who like to ruin all the fun by being too smart for their own good. Twitter user @RogueDadMD announced to his followers that his 9-year-old son had ruined his fun by figuring out the lie through some incredible deductive reasoning: