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Source: Instagram

Moms Are Comparing Their Post-Birth Looks To Kate Middleton's And It's Perfect

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

The world went wild on Monday when Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed a third child into the world, a bouncing baby boy. As is tradition, Kate was up on her feet and posing for the camera with a newborn in hand just hours after her delivery. 

Unlike most moms, Kate showed up hours after giving birth glowing, wearing a red dress, and with perfect hair and makeup. Oh, and she just happened to be holding her newborn baby boy in her arms like the princess mom goddess that she is. 

It's kind of astounding — and slightly depressing, TBH:

For whatever reason, Middleton seems capable of getting dressed and sitting through a blow out right after having a baby. She's done it every time: