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Source: istock

These Medical Bills Show A Glaring Issue With Health Insurance In America


If you're an American and you ever find yourself in a bar overseas getting into a friendly little argument over who comes from a better country, there are tons of things you can list that make America pretty darn great.

When it comes to decadent food, look no further. Our entertainment industry produces some of the most influential films in the world - I mean our primary export is basically culture, and a lot of that shines through in our TV shows and movies. In recent history, we've also had some powerfully influential political figures, not to mention getting a lot of credit for "saving the day" during World War II. And have you seen our shopping malls? Epic bro, even if the "Mall of America" is owned by a Canadian family, who cares because it's named after us, bro.

So if anyone's trying to bring up military might or entertainment or music or gut-busting foods, or malls in a "who's-country-is-better" bar argument, Americans can make a pretty good argument for themselves. They can sit back, relax, and sip on their beer without fear while the screaming caw of a majestic bald eagle echoes in the distance.