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30 Undeniably American Things That You Won't Find Anywhere Else


There are a lot of amazing things about this land we call The United States of America that no other country can boast. For one, it's pretty darn big. You can drive over 2,700 miles from coast to coast, and everyone will speak the same language, more or less. 

Along the way, you'll see majestic national parks. You'll experience different states that hold different people with different views and upbringings. You'll also encounter the same fast food and chain restaurants. That's not to say American cuisine isn't great - we have some of the best (and most food) in the world. 

But there's just something about gross and decadent food that's undeniably as American as the Liberty Bell, as tackle football, as a contempt for taxes and a distrust of large governing bodies with absolute power.

The same wonderment you'll experience in the Grand Canyon is tantamount to the wonder you'll experience when walking down the various junk food aisles at a gas station convenience store. There are some things that are just undeniably 'Murican, and these are a few of them.

1. You think they got sparkling that taste like chocolate chip cookies in Italy? Puh-lease.

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