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Source: Getty

19 Protests That Use Creativity to Prove a Point

By Pippa Raga

As society has progressed and governments oscillate between restriction and freedom, citizens have had to invent ways to protest that capture the attention of increasingly distracted and insular audiences. Protests that would have worked 100 years ago have now become passé. Artists and activists are constantly developing new ways to get their messages heard by governments and sympathetic populations. 

Here are 20 revolutionary ways creative individuals have sought positive changes in society.

1. In the early 20th century when women in the United States campaigned for the right to vote, they often turned their protests into beautiful pageants, where attendees wearing all white were draped in flowers. Through beauty and organization, they hoped to prove that women too deserve the vote and in 1920, the 19th Amendment granted them suffrage. 

Source: Getty