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Celine Dion And Deadpool Danced Together And The Internet Is Freaking Out



Personally, I am not the wild fan of Deadpool that the Internet is demanding me to be. My favorite Marvel universe movie is Black Panther followed closely by Logan. But the marketing team for Deadpool keeps coming for my fandom, and they're getting closer and closer. Frankly, they're geniuses.

On Thursday, Celine Dion released a surprise music video and song for the Deadpool soundtrack, and it's truly, truly incredible. Now, we wouldn't say the song comes anywhere near to Celine's other musical masterpiece for the best movie of all time, Titanic, ( don't @ me) but let's be real, she is never going to top "My Heart Will Go On." So, her new song "Ashes" is a good compromise and honestly we are here for anything involving Ryan Reynolds — in or out of his superhero uniform. All that was missing was a cameo by his wife, Blake Lively, or Ryan's Twitter nemesis Hugh Jackman

It's also hilarious, which Dion appreciates:

In the full vid, we get a dramatic and powerful performance by Dion, a dance in high heels by Deadpool, and a few romantic clips from the upcoming film. Yes, beauty can come from the ashes!

Though, I'm sorry to say I don't think that is actually Ryan Reynolds dancing. He is a man of modern talents, but flawless modern dance in heels is probably not one of them.

I mean, look at that booty:

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Who cares. This whole thing is great:

Some people think the mash-up actually makes perfect sense?

Though Celine comes out ahead, in most estimations. Including Deadpool's:

The consensus is that it's actually a really good song!

Thank you to the Deadpool team, who are truly reaching across the aisles to bring everyone together over this music video:

This is beauty, rising from the ash-vertising.

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