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Source: Twitter

Girl Gets Fired From Her Job At Target After Prank Goes Viral

By Aimee Lutkin

Pranks are the worst โ€” especially when you're the unsuspecting victim or you end up getting investigated by the FBI because you took the joke a little bit too far (and broke the law). But when executed correctly, pranks can get you a lot of attention and even go viral, which is not always a good thing as one former Target employee learned. What started as a fun video with her best friend quickly turned into her having to update her resume and look for a new job. 

Twitter user @Delilah810 found this lesson out the hard way, after her "prank" on her best friend in the parking lot of a Target went viral. In it, she pushed that friend, who is sitting in a shopping cart, into a push. It looks pretty gnarly, but the friend was apparently unscathed: