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Everyone Wants This Guy As Their Teacher After Seeing His Weekend Assignment



Remember being a kid and having insane amounts of homework every weekend that you basically ignored until Sunday night, when you would completely meltdown? It's called the learning process, and it's great.

Just kidding! Homework is horrible, and I barely ever retained anything from it, personally. Apparently some teachers are pretty sick of the system, too. One Florida superintendent even went so far as to ban homework for elementary school students, saying, "The quality of homework assigned is so poor that simply getting kids to read replacing homework with self-selected reading was a more powerful alternative." 

Across the pond, journalist Jane Martin shared a letter sent home with her kid from All Saints' School in London — and it had a similar anti-homework message. In it, a teacher named Mr. Tucker gives very specific instructions for how to prepare for the SATs that she absolutely loved:

It was so important he included a checklist:

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They're well-balanced requirements that include both activity and sitting on the couch:

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Candy and friendship:

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General chillaxing:

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And it has some flexibility, if you want to take an hour break to study:

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Mr. Tucker signed off by saying it's his job to worry about their upcoming test, and theirs to feel good. Wow. 

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Mr. Tucker's approach is in the minority:

And some people are pretty miffed that he would dare to try and make school a more positive experience for this generation:

But actually Mr. Tucker is not the only teacher who thinks stress doesn't help when it comes to learning. Similar letters have been handed out at other schools:

It's incredibly refreshing to see schools trying to prioritize letting kids be kids—as long as Mr. Tucker is okay.

He's fine! Probably.

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