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These 'Extreme' Hotels Are Insanely Unique And Insanely Luxurious



The words "extreme" and "vacation" rarely go hand in hand, because the entire point of a vacation is to go out and enjoy yourself by relaxing. So unless you're extremely relaxing yourself, then you can count me out.

But there are some resorts and hotels that go so far with a certain concept that there's no other word to describe it.

Like this amazing, $50,000 a night underwater hotel suite in Maldives that'll have you waking up to sharks and all sorts of ocean life swimming above you.

And no, I'm not exaggerating, this is what the "ceiling" of the room looks like.

The dining area is decked out in a similar, 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea fashion. Imagine gazing up at that while you much on your spinach and goat cheese omelette and fruit cup that has way too much honeydew. 

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And while the interior of the suite is hella impressive...

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...the place is absolutely stunning from the outside as well.

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The architect of Muraka, the bungalow that holds the special underwater suite at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, says that while a great amount of detail and money ($15 million to be exact) was put into crafting the luxury getaway spot, he was more concerned with the entire experience of booking the Muraka.

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Those who book the $50k dream suite are flown to their own private seaplane dock and are picked up in a private speedboat that comes with the room for as long as you're staying there.

You also get beach real estate that's reserved for you so you don't have to bother yourself with seeing other guests if you don't want to. Four butlers who live in nearby bungalow will beckon to your every whim 24/7. Not to mention a personal chef, a fitness trainer, and 90 minutes of spa treatments every day.

The place is fairly heavily fortified, too: it's made out of acrylic, concrete, and steel. It's got enough room for 9 guests to sleep in addition to a butler's quarters, a room for your private security, and a gym.

Now despite the fact that this is clearly a bargain at $50,000 a night, some peasants on the internet are complaining about the price.

While others were more appreciative of the insane vision it took to come up with something so wonderful.

Muraka isn't the first extreme hotel to get some attention on the internet. Some peeps in the hospitality game have come up with ideas that are equally crazy.

Like the Natura Vive Skylodge in Sacred Valley, Peru.

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Sleep on the side of a mountain in a glass case of terror. The view of the stars at night must be incredible, though.

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If that's not your speed you could stay at No Man's Fort, in Portsmouth, England. It was an old Victorian-Era military fort that was transformed into a luxury hotel that comes with its own nightclub.

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The Whitepod in Switzerland is a giant dome smack dab in the middle of nature that all eco-friendly outdoor enthusiasts would enjoy.

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Source: whitepod

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Lapland, Finland offers up glass and snow igloos guests can enjoy to gaze at the northern lights without ever having to get out of bed.

If safari animals are your thing then you can have breakfast with Giraffes at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya. It has a 12-acre lawn near a sanctuary for the long-necked animals, so they're constantly coming down to the 10-room boutique hotel to say what's up and see what guests are munching on.

If you ever wanted to live day in the life of Mr. Freeze you could stay at the Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada. It's only open from January 7th until March 27th and is redesigned and rebuilt out of ice every single year.

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 If the idea of ice doesn't appeal to you, why not stay in an old bull ring in Mexico. The Hotel Quinta Real Zacatecas packs some high-end suites and fine restaurants and gorgeous views of the Cathedral of Fatima. 


And this last one is extreme just for the extreme opulence of it: the Burj Al-Arab Royal Suite comes with its own cinema room, a rotating bed, a 24-carat-Gold iPad, both an upstairs and downstairs private bar, a small army of butlers who are at your beck and call, 24/7, and 17 different types of pillows to choose from for when you finally calm down from how awesome the room is. At $24,000 a night, it better be epic, and it is.

So, when you hit the lottery or finally marry into that super rich family, which one of these vacation spots are you hitting up first?

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