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Source: youtube

White Woman Calls Police On Black Man And The Cops Actually Respond Appropriately


The news has lately been covering something that happens with horrible frequency a lot lately—white people calling the police on black people for things like sitting in a Starbucks, going to the gym, being at their college, and even strolling with their baby in the park. It's been happening for a long time, but right now news outlets are covering it with far more frequency.

A man named Michael Hayes posted a video he took of himself being harassed while doing his job as a real estate investor in Memphis. On May 5, he was inspecting a house in need of repairs when a white woman demanded to know what he was doing in the area.

He writes in the YouTube caption, "So I was inspecting a house that I have under contract, when the next door neighbor decides to come out and harass me. I show her my investor sign that I place in every yard before I inspect and had all documentation including contract and signed statement from the owner allowing me to enter the house. She proceeds to call the police on me anyway and asks why I don't just get out of 'her' neighborhood."