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Source: istock

A Couple Left A 15% Tip At A Fancy Restaurant And Gets Called Out By The Waitress

By Aimee Lutkin

Tipping may be one of the most controversial payment practices in America that is also legal. It's messed up that servers, as well as the runners and bussers and bartenders, depend on tips for the bulk of their paycheck. Some restaurants increase their prices and do away with tipping, but that also makes people upset. Unsurprisingly, the sort of people who tip badly also want to have a sense of control over the person bringing them food. Tipping is psychological warfare.

Any story about tipping will bring out people's opinions, as Imgur user noctynight discovered after posting their story about taking someone out on a date at a fancy restaurant. At the end of the date, they were a bit short to cover the tip—and well, things got out of hand very quickly.

Source: Imgur