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Source: Venmo

These Are The Pettiest Venmo Charges People Say They've Ever Received

By Aimee Lutkin

Writer Nicole Cliffe asked her many followers for the pettiest Venmo requests they've ever received or sent. If you're not familiar with it, Venmo is an app that makes it easy to send money to people from your bank account, and it can come in handy when splitting bills or making utility payments to your roommates. But anyone who knows your handle can send you a request for cash—which you can also refuse. There's also a social media element, so if you don't set those requests to private, anyone you're connected with can see all the back-and-forth drama over toilet paper, or whatever. The potential for drama is there, because drama follows humanity from app to app.

In Cliffe's opinion, it is fair to Venmo request something when it was discussed, but springing a Venmo request on someone out of the blue is forbidden!