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Demi Lovato Once 'Pranked' Someone By Sexually Assaulting Them


I recently watched the movie Evolution with David Duchovny and Julianne Moore, mostly because it was on Amazon Prime and it was the first thing I saw that wasn't PJ Masks or Coco. Now I love me some Coco, but I just got tired of weeping uncontrollably in front of my son who keeps clamoring to watch it.

Even though Evolution came out in 2001, the script seems like it came straight out of the '80s, and not the good part of the '80s filled with awesome soundtracks and Ferrari Testarossas. I'm talking more about the super sexist, gratuitously misogynistic, where's-even-the-joke in all of this sexism in the script. At every turn, someone's trying to get a woman to either take off her shirt or joke about sleeping with them. Heck, even Moore's character who's playing a brilliant CDC scientist isn't spared from objectification.

I'm not a politically correct person and when it comes to comedy, I don't think anything's off-limits as long is it's in the context of a joke making a point about something. If the "point" of the joke is to just have a woman take their shirt off because, LOL women are dumb as deserve to be treated like objects amirite? Then I'm sorry, you suck at comedy. That doesn't mean the movie doesn't have some hilarious lines, however: