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These Optical Illusions Will Make Your Brain Scream For Help



Nothing makes you more aware of your fragile grasp on reality like an optical illusion. We're just a collection of firing synapses, held together in a mobile water tank, basically. At least that's how I felt after The Dress

So, if you love that feeling of total disorientation, we've got some visual puzzles to get your brain juices sloshing.

How about this woman riding her flying carpet? 

"Is magic real?" asks my confused brain.

What about this terrifying dog head monster. It doesn't even need a butt!

Have you ever read the book The Cat On The Cat? Great kids book.

This post is telling me what I'm not seeing, but my brain is telling me the poster is a liar and I'm about to hit the slopes:

Being human, we're also very easily fooled by anything that looks remotely sexual, like an extra appendage in the pool:

Or a smooth, sexy booty:

Or a horse...head....

Or a sexy couple going to town on one another:

If you want something more wholesome, how about this bowl of flour?

Man's best friend mutated into an even greater friend:

Though animal optical illusions can be quite terrifying:

Look out for that kitty!

But forced perspective is nothing compared to the insanity of piled on body parts in some of these photos. Like, what is going on here? I just don't understand sports.

Or arms:

So many arms:

Arms where there shouldn't be arms:

Entire people where there shouldn't be people:

Or just too much booty:

My brain sees it, but my mind and heart won't accept it. Cling to reality as hard as you can, because you never know when you'll lose touch with it!

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