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Source: twitter

Waitress Throws Gross Customer Like a Sack of Potatoes After He Gropes Her

By Mustafa Gatollari

There's a certain type of creep who'll go out of their way to harass or grope waitresses and waiters

I'll never get people who think that they can invade someone's personal space without being annoying, rude, or disgusting. Like people who slink up to you and put their arms over your shoulders, or nudge up in your business to see what you're eating, or look at your computer screen when you're working when they have no idea if what you're looking at is something you'd rather people not see. No, I'm not just talking about weird NSFW videos, but yeah, those totally fall under that umbrella as well.

Even worse are those who think it's OK to just touch/grope you out of nowhere, especially in situations where it's completely uncalled for. If you're drunk in a club, and you like the way someone's grinding on you, you grind back. If you're partying and vibing with another person, and they start getting handsy and you like it, then get handsy back.