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Source: instagram

33 Of The Most Savage Memes In Response To IHOP Changing Its Name

By Mustafa Gatollari

Driving around the various routes and highways in New Jersey the past couple of months I noticed that IHOP was trying to really show off their burgers to the car commuter crowd.

Now I remember being broke and in college, driving around late at night and looking for a sit down place where we could have a hot meal without breaking the bank. One year, for some reason, IHOP was our spot. My friend would always get a cheeseburger. It was cheap and surprisingly not bad.

So, putting two together, when IHOP announced that they'd be temporarily changing their name to "IHOB" like it was this great mystery, I had a feeling it was a promotional tool for them to try and get customers excited about their burgers. I guess other people don't pay as much attention to billboards as I do (probably because they're too busy focusing on the road, psh, nerds) because people were a bit surprised that the "b" stands for burgers.

1. And people really weren't having it.