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Source: Getty Images

This Viral Rug Sale Has Us All Asking “What Would Chip and Joanna Gaines Do?”


The internet has made a lot of things in our lives exponentially easier — in more ways than we probably even realized. Case in point: This viral buy/sale/trade advertisement one man made to get rid of a rug that his wife previously purchased but now wants to sell on Facebook. 

Not gonna lie, the rug itself is pretty ugly. But the color commentary provided by the doting husband — who is departing ways with the once-beloved runner in his home — really brightens up the whole post and makes the $20 totally worth it, even if you have a perfectly good piece of fabric already occupying the entryway of your house (Confession: This is making me realize that I barely even know what a runner is…). 

“My wife has once again entrusted me to sell things in our house that she no longer likes,” the poster, Garrett Brown, began his viral sale post in his local “online yard sale” group. “She has done many things under the WWDJGD (What Would Chip and Joanna Gaines Do) motto, but this time, it’s a simple purging of all the things in our house that are out of style. If she really wanted to be like Chip and Jojo, she’d be slappin’ our walls down like they owed us money and our three-two bungalow would transform into a ten-seven shiplap funhouse in no-time.”