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12 People Whose Lives Were Shook by 23andMe

By Pippa Raga

The at-home genetics and DNA testing kit known as 23andMe has been under some fire lately when users found out the company will be selling data to pharma moguls GlaxoSmithKline for the next four years. The deal will entitle GSK to comb through 23andMe's data to research new drugs to develop, as well as to find potential patients for upcoming clinical trials. 

23andMe users are divided on whether they think the company is right in prioritizing these novel treatments over selling their personal data, with some fearing that their genetic results will make it back to insurance companies. Others expressed sentiments that were well summed up by Twitter user @kokoandjune: "Big whoop. If my DNA helps others, then so be it."

Mergers and acquisitions aside, we took a deep-dive into all the ways at-home DNA testing has turned people's lives upside-down. From realizing that your parents aren't...actually your parents, to users who realized their significant others were also their relatives, scroll down for 12 people whose lives were shook by 23andMe.