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Source: getty

Ludacris Proves the Importance of Kindness by Making A Stranger's Day


As a freelance writer, I’m well-versed in the struggles of trying to make ends meet. Some clients take ages to pay, and you have to chase them down with invoices while simultaneously lining up other work to support yourself and your canine dependents. This gig economy can honestly be a hassle.

Therra Jaramillo has been struggling with finances ever since her husband died of brain cancer. She's a freelance writer in Atlanta who was left with almost nothing in her checking account after a client was late in paying her. Therra and her rescue dogs were living off rice and vegetables, until a friend gave her a gift card to Whole Foods one day.

She got to the checkout line excited as ever, and distractedly placed her items on the conveyor belt without separating them from the groceries of the person in line ahead of her. As she went to correct her mistake, the guy in front of her said the woman's groceries were on him. All of them.

That altruistic hero was none other than rap star and actor Ludacris.