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Mayonnaise Is Alive and Well With Millennials, so Everyone Just Shut Up


Stop it. Just shut up about the millennial killing stuff already, especially mayonnaise. Industries fade. Products go in and out of fashion. That's why there's re-branding. That's why there are products that are strategically marketed and offered in some areas and not offered in others. If a product is no longer desired in the marketplace, it failed for a number of reasons. Some fair, some unfair.

In the case of mayonnaise, however, millennials aren't killing it. It's not going anywhere. There are still shelves of them in every supermarket in the country. Go to a supermarket or bodega, or heck, even a gas station, and tell me you can't find a jar of mayonnaise. You'll find it, so shut up, buy a jar, and make a sandwich with it.

What has happened, however, is that thanks to the advent of the internet, people can voice their opinions about things more openly. If someone doesn't like something, the entire world can potentially know about it. And the truth about mayonnaise, like any friggin' condiment, is that there are some people who like it, some people who are indifferent to it, and some people who hate it.