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Source: Getty/Distractify

This Viral Twitter Thread About Actress Kathryn Joosten Is the Inspiration We All Need


As a jaded millennial, I often feel like I've seen it all, done it all, and am too late in the game to pursue anything new. Sure, I daydream about my life as a Hollywood actress or about getting the PhD I've always wanted, but for the most part I think I'll probably just keep doing what I think I do quite decently — write for the enjoyment and entertainment of others, which I've been doing pretty consistently for the better part of a decade.

But what if I changed the course of my life by doing that crazy thing you only read about or see in movies: taking a chance. A recent thread by Charlotte Clymer reminded us the importance of following your dream and pursuing your passion, no matter your age.

The tweeter relayed the career trajectory of late actress Kathryn Joosten, best known for her roles as crochety Karen McCluskey of Desperate Housewives and Dolores Landingham of The West Wing. She's a shining example of someone following their dreams regardless of their age or circumstance.