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Source: Getty Images

Woman Finds Her Brother's Killer on Facebook 37 Years Later


Nearly 40 years ago, Penny Farmer's brother, Chris Farmer, and his girlfriend Peta Frampton were found floating off the coast of Guatemala. Despite her family's attempt to find out what happened — even narrowing it down to an American who took the couple on a boat ride before their deaths — the case went cold. 

Until Penny decided to search her suspected killer's name on Facebook in 2015. Surprisingly, she found Silas Boston in Sacramento on the social media platform, looking like a "serial killer" in his profile picture, where he wore a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a grey beard. According to the BBC, Penny also found his two sons, Russell and Vince, and his fifth ex-wife. 

That's when Penny decided to reach out to his family, but initially got no response. So, she turned to the Greater Manchester Police, who contacted the Sacramento Police Department, who just reopened the case surrounding Boston's missing third wife. It turns out his sons had told police it was an "open family secret" that their father had killed their mother.